Hi, here's a quick update on what's been happening at Organic Nation.

In November and December we spent four weeks training at nine day spas in:

  • Hawaii
  • Indianapolis
  • Michigan
  • Toronto
  • Philadelphia
  • New York
  • Alabama

We trained:

  • 70 therapists
  • performed 100's of hours of facials
  • introduced the ancient rituals of Balinese body palming which are included in all our treatments

It was great to work with professionals. Everyone was keen to learn new techniques and find out more about how certified organic ingredients combined with powerful peptides, vitamins and the latest in botanical stem cell science can transform skin.

Starting in Hawaii we island hopped across two locations. The Hawaiian lifetsyle and their love of nature are a perfect fit with Organic Nation.

Training across nine spas we had the opportunity to work with therapists of all ages, from their early 20's, through to their mid 60's. It was really satisfying to see how blown away they were by Organic Nation's skincare products and protocols. In Michigan we met Slava, Salva has performed facials for over 35 years with a deep connection to Eastern European traditions. Salva  was mesmerised by the Balinese body palming and how it set up relaxation for clients.

By the time we arrived in Toronto it was really frosty, so it was great to see how effective the combination of superactive8 recovery oil and the hydration rescue gel are in combating the havoc that cold dry weather and icy chill can cause to skin.

At the beautiful Holts Day Spa in Toronto we performed a facial on a therapist with highly sensitive skin, who in the past has reacted to all products. Her colleagues were in awe after the detoxifying clay whip was removed to see her face was calm, refined and glowing.

Our final stop was Alabama. This energetic team of 10 therapists were not only eager to learn but also excited by the 'fusion' we created with
black rice scrub and detoxifying clay masque for a deeper clean.

It was inspiring to work with so many professionals who were genuinely impressed with the results of an Organic Nation facial. Clearly there is no better endorsement than a therapist who believes enough in a product to put her reputation on the line.

Training these wonderful locations across the US and Canada was a delightful experience, and we can't wait for the next US training sessions to roll-out in early 2017.

Short on time, don't compromise your skincare. Here are three clever tried and tested ways to maintain vibrant healthy skin when you are under the pump.

1. Clean and exfoliate at the same time: Blending is a great time saver. Create a blend of citrus foaming cleanser and black rice scrub in equal parts, cleanse your face in circular motions and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Voila, you have cleansed and exfoliated by fusing two products. Quick, easy and effective.


2. Masque while you work: Sometimes it's hard to find time to do a home masque. Ideally masks should be on the face for 5-10mins. As a time saver try applying a mask when you have another job to do around the house that will take about 10 minutess. Vacuuming after the gym before having a shower, sorting the washing or preparing dinner - all great opportunities to do something for your skin as you get other chores out the way.

 Organic Nation detoxifying clay whip masque

3. The power of three: Especially when we are busy three steps can help with ensure our skin stays vibrant and alive - important during stressful times. Cleansing and hydrating are your two must do steps, the third can be whatever works best for you. It may be eye matrix cream, a serum or a toner. Making sure you head to bed with clean hydrated skin ensures you are not leaving the day's environmental pollutants on your skin to cause havoc and damage.

Try these, and when life returns to normal (whenever that is), you can take the time to go back to your daily skincare rituals.


Yours in wellness


Vanessa Jilly

Organic Nation, Co-Founder + Ethics Director


Mt Buller's Breathtaker on High Spa Retreat has chosen Organic Nation skincare.

Winter is tough on skin, above the snowline skin is exposed to one of the harshest and most drying environments you can find.

We are excited to announce that when Mt Buller's Breathtaker on High Spa Retreat were looking for a new skincare range for the 2016 ski season they chose Organic Nation.

Organic Nation, pure performance skincare, is made in Australia from the purest certified organic ingredients boosted by powerful science in the form of peptides and bio-marine actives.

Breathtaker's spa manager and therapists are trained on Organic Nation's products, and Organic Nation's unique massage therapy, developed from the ancient practice of Balinese 'palming'.

Kayla, Breathtaker's Spa Manager, said:

'I saw a difference as soon as I put it on the absolute night cream and the aroma was fabulous'

'Hydration is one of the main concerns in the snow . Teaming up the hydration rescue gel, supernatural8 serum and hydration day cream will be a great combination for the ski bunnies'

If you're heading to Mt Buller this winter make sure you visit Breathtaker on High Spa Retreat, and experience Organic Nation, pure performance skincare.

When the bottom line breaks trust...

If they do it with Baby food how do you know if you can trust your skincare?

The Age Newspaper in Melbourne reported on June 21st 2016, that the ACCC had taken to task a multi national manufacturer for marketing a baby product advertising 99% fruit and veg when is contained 60 % sugar.

The brand in question is the well-known and trusted baby food maker, 'Heinz', a brand that for decades and has had the trust of mothers with children.

It would seem multi nationals place shareholder returns higher then their integrity with customers. Breaking the trust of mothers looking for healthy food is unforgivable - no one can justify 60% sugar in a baby food product.

If this is the behavior of a brand of baby food with ingredients for young children, what might be the attitude of multi national skincare companies?

We have been involved in the organic skincare market for over 30 years. During that time we have come across many instances where the product is simply misleading the consumer about its effectiveness based on the levels of real botanicals and organic content.

Consumers typically seek boutique brands because they are authentic, primarily because they are better than a mass-market brand.

Many consumers are not aware that large multi nationals have purchased often boutique brands. The multi nationals try capturing the market and passing the brand off as independent, while saving costs by reducing the active ingredients to produce an inferior product. In many cases it negates the brand's benefit and point of difference.

So how can you decide if the product is worth trying, or will do what it promises?

Our suggestion is to always find out who or what is behind a brand.  See if what they are doing is driven by a genuine passion. If it is driven by passion it is more likely to be authentic, and more likely to do what is promised. This was our experience in creating organic skincare brand Jurlique with Jurgen Klien, when we launched Aveda with Horst Rechenbücher in Australia, and developing Uspa, an organic certified skincare brand we produced and sold in 12 countries around the world. 

We’re always suspicious when we go to the background or Philosophy of a brand and don’t see the names of the individuals behind the product. Why wouldn’t they want to put their name to the product? We couldn’t imagine putting years of work and passion into developing something and not putting our name to that work. It’s what makes it authentic.

Organic Nation believes that to build trust you need to have transparency. We list the Certified Organic ingredients and their exact percentage content for every product. We also know the source of the ingredients so that we can ensure their integrity, and we stringently manage the manufacturing process to make sure that what we present is the true product.

At Organic Nation we believe if we lead with passion, the rest will follow.

George Jilly

Founder, Organic Nation

The majority of skin care products contain water…but why?

The short answer is simply because it always has and it is economical.

More than 90% of all skin care products use more water in their formulations than anything else. Of course we need water to live, however in our skincare it doesn’t provide a clear benefit to the skin.

The vast majority of skincare products are water-based, with the first ingredient listed as water, aqua, purified water, or H2O, combined with other ingredients to make individual products such as moisturisers, exfoliants and cleansers. In an effort to provide pure performance skin care we have chosen to use Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel as the base in the majority of our products not water. Why? Aloe has a clear function.

Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that was known by the Eygptians as the ‘plant of immortality’.

Scientists have discovered over 150 nutritional ingredients in Aloe Vera. There seems to be no single magic ingredient. They all work together in a synergistic way to create healing and health giving benefits. Nature has an uncanny way of harmoniously working together!

Aloe is composed of water, the enzymes catalase and cellulose, minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium and sodium, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and 20 amino acids as well as the youth mineral potassium. Another component of Aloe Vera consists of the lignins, a major structural material of cellulose content, that allows for penetrative properties. Lignins penetrate the toughened areas of the skin making it beneficial for skin problems such as ecze ma and psoriasis.

The addition of Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel allows our products to develop a beautifully smooth luxurious feel as it is applied. The aloe also provides calming, hydrating and balancing benefits that water just cannot do when applied topically to the skin. We love water, but we love Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel in our skin care.

Microbeads are plastic microspheres that are widely used in the cosmetics industry as exfoliating agents. They are most frequently made of polyethylene but can be made of other petrochemical plastics. Environmentalists and scientists have discovered large quantities of microbeads in Australian waterways, which often end up in unsuspecting marine life. Microbeads do not disintergrate. If more attention is paid to what ends up in our water then we can ensure healthier ecosystems that support the communities around us.

Australian scientists have found 60-100 particles of plastic micro debris in 100 millilitres of sediment – among the highest levels recorded in the world. Researches on the Great Barrier Reef have found that corals commonly found there will eat micro-plastic pollution. “Corals are non selective feeders and the researches have found that they consume micro plastics when present in seawater” says Dr Mia Hoogenboom, a chief investigator with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University.

Microbeads were a human invention that were simply not needed. They were designed to take the place of the easily accessible alternatives like apricot and walnut shells, jojoba beans and pumice. It was believed that these new and exciting “microbeads” were smoother and better for your skin… in actual fact they just meant you had to use them more often which meant you had to buy them more often. Natural alternatives provide fabulous exfoliation, can be used less often on the skin and most importantly do not harm our environment. A much more sustainable alternative.

Australia must now follow the lead of the US and outlaw the use of microbeads in all cosmetics. Organic Nation supports the ban of micro beads

Our facial exfoliating product, black rice scrub with ginseng and gingko, uses finely ground black rice and pumice. Natural charcoal powder acts as a detoxifier as well as mild exfoliant. A wonderfully invigorating exfoliant that does not end up in our coral or your sushi!


Balance. It is easy to say sometimes harder to put into practice.

We strive for balance in our daily lives, balance in our skin and balance in our bodies.

Without balance everything simply feels a little off kilter.

Being sustainable within our business is also about being in balance. Balance reflects meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. This is very much akin to the philosophies shared by many indigenous cultures throughout the world. These cultures work so closely with the earth, they know how to respect the environment, but more importantly why our earth must be protected.

At Organic Nation we aspire to reconnect to where our ingredients come from. There should not be a mystery surrounding what goes into our skincare. Our Mantra needs to support transparency and authenticity. I personally do not want to moisturise my skin and not know what has occurred to the people along the chain events to deliver me my ingredients. We cannot grow as a global community if we do not support those around us along the way. I want my children to be inspired by what we do and take the governing principles into their own lives. I want them to see first hand how to support the earth and those inhabiting it. Our personal goal is to co-exist with the planet, to look beyond ourselves so we can see within. Organic nation has the same philosophy.

As we harness the wonders of nature and science for our products we have an obligation to ensure we are protecting the very earth that provides these incredible ingredients.