Balance + Transparency

Balance. It is easy to say sometimes harder to put into practice.

We strive for balance in our daily lives, balance in our skin and balance in our bodies.

Without balance everything simply feels a little off kilter.

Being sustainable within our business is also about being in balance. Balance reflects meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of the future. This is very much akin to the philosophies shared by many indigenous cultures throughout the world. These cultures work so closely with the earth, they know how to respect the environment, but more importantly why our earth must be protected.

At Organic Nation we aspire to reconnect to where our ingredients come from. There should not be a mystery surrounding what goes into our skincare. Our Mantra needs to support transparency and authenticity. I personally do not want to moisturise my skin and not know what has occurred to the people along the chain events to deliver me my ingredients. We cannot grow as a global community if we do not support those around us along the way. I want my children to be inspired by what we do and take the governing principles into their own lives. I want them to see first hand how to support the earth and those inhabiting it. Our personal goal is to co-exist with the planet, to look beyond ourselves so we can see within. Organic nation has the same philosophy.

As we harness the wonders of nature and science for our products we have an obligation to ensure we are protecting the very earth that provides these incredible ingredients.

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