The good oils, a beauty powerhouse for compromised skin

The skin is a truly miraculous organ and often very underestimated. The largest organ in the body, this protective barrier shields our precious inner sanctum against the outside world. It works 24/7 to protect us against the weather, dangerous chemicals, microbes and toxins, which, lets face it, are better out than in.

Fact: Many spend a lifetime trying to change the skin on their face without really understanding some of the fundamentals about its composition.

Quick biology lesson: The outermost layer of the epidermis is the Stratum Corneum and this is the area we are talking about when we discuss barrier function.

This area is like a brick wall, the cells are the bricks and the mortar between the bricks are lipids, which hold together this beautifully crafted brick wall, our skin barrier. If there are cracks in the wall then we have a compromised skin barrier and this can lead to:

  • dehydration from lack of water. Your skin can be dehydrated and oily because it will try to compensate.
  • acne breakouts, due to excess sebum trying to compensate with the dehydration
  • itchiness and sensitivity as the compromised barrier struggles to fight off external irritants like pollution, bacteria, UV rays, smoke and toxic ingredients.
  • redness and inflammation
  • dull, uneven rough skin, this occurs because of everything above.

What causes a compromised skin barrier?

Our skin works really hard at fighting off aggressors and it certainly is no shrinking violet when it comes to actively fighting the outside world! If we abuse our skin with:

  • harsh cleansers
  • over exfoliation
  • excessive peeling
  • excessive use of treatments that damage the skin
  • sun exposure
  • poor diet

These just wear it down, leading to  an impaired skin barrier which subsequently requires lots of effort to get it back to the strong independent protective barrier it was designed to be.

How do you get oils into your skin?

  • you are what you eat. Think avocado’s, nuts, cold pressed olive oil
  • topically…apply it to your face, body and hair

There is a reason why every ancient culture that was connected to the earth used plant oils to nourish skin and support health...they work.

Plant oils are a miracle from nature they:

  • nourish
  • protect
  • are anti-microbial
  • are anti-fungal
  • non-comedogenic (will not clog your pores)
  • some oils even act as a penetration enhancer (it helps other ingredients travel into the skin), jojoba is one of these
  • cleanse
  • have anti-oxidant benefits

Supernatural8 is a powerhouse of 8 plant oils, each chosen for their individual benefits. Hydration day cream and Absolute night cream also include specific plant oils designed to strengthen and restore the integrity of the skin barrier.

If I was ever stranded on a desert island - oils would save my skin - and a hat of course.

Are you ready to add oils into your life?

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