What we believe


We’re for beautiful skin, not beautiful models.

We believe products created by fusing the power of nature with cosmeceutical science can bring real changes to the skin’s appearance.

We relentlessly scour the planet for scientific advances and nature’s most powerful organic ingredients that have the ability to repair, heal and transform your skin.

We apply alternative sustainable technologies using non-toxic and organic ingredients to help boost the best nature has to offer.

We protect the purity and effectiveness of our ingredients with S2S (Soil 2 Skin), and by applying precise standards to how the ingredients are sourced, grown, cultivated and processed. This ensures their potency and authenticity when applied to your skin.

We don’t cut corners, we are meticulous about details.

We use Certified Organic aloe vera gel instead of water for its innate healing properties. And, it is what makes Organic Nation products feel luxurious on your skin.

We source the finest glass from Europe for our bottles.

Perfumers create our signature fragrances, not chemists.

We use the highest possible concentration of ingredients surpassing standards, not merely meeting them.

We want your skincare routine to be an experience, to delight your senses and most importantly produce results you can see and feel.

Organic Nation. Pure Performance.



The story behind Organic Nation

The birth of Organic Nation has taken over 25 years. 25 years spent learning about and improving organic skincare. Applying the knowledge of organic ingredients with advances in medicine and science to create the best possible skincare and effective cosmeceutical products.


Vanessa and George Jilly, the founders of Organic Nation have been involved with leading global holistic skincare brands for over 25 years. Their passion for organic skincare is an extension of their wellness lifestyle and philosophy.

In the late 1980’s they formed a partnership with Dr Jurgen Klien of Jurlique who developed a range of organic products. Dr Klien introduced George and Vanessa to the practices of bio-dynamic farming and using essentials oils and organic ingredients, something quite new to the category and people's understanding of the benefits of organic skincare.

After working internationally with Jurlique for many years, George and Vanessa launched the Aveda Brand to Australia in the 1990's. Aveda was little known outside the USA at the time and had a distinctive style that showed the world how natural ingredients and botanicals along with a strong corporate sustainability philosophy could be successful.

In the early 2000’s George and Vanessa decided to launch Uspa their own Skincare and Spa Brand. Uspa quickly expanded to 12 countries, on the way developing unique treatment protocols, destination spa locations and over 100 different skin and body products.

In 2014 George and Vanessa sold the Uspa brand so they could refocus and reset their goals. They realised that to move forward, they needed to set new benchmarks that would take organic skincare to newer and even higher standards. They envisaged a standard that would incorporate organic ingredients, cosmecutical performance, sustainability, transparency and accessibility.

Organic Nation is unique, it is 25 years of learning and advancement to create a performance skincare range that can bring about positive change to skin. Transparency to track ingredients from the soil to skin. Best practices from Green Chemistry to embrace sustainability, and Certified Organic ingredients to ensure purity.

Yours in wellness

Vanessa + George Jilly, Organic Nation Founders

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