Precise Science

Active ingredients, or cosmeceuticals, are bio-active ingredients that show clinical results through independent trials. Not all bio-actives are created equal, and not one individual cosmeceutical is a magic pill for your skin.

We use ingredients that have documented quantifiable results.

Some actives are more effective for anti-ageing, some for inflammation and some for hydration. The results vary from individual to individual, so we use a unique combination across several products to ensure you have the opportunity to achieve the best possible results. Just as a personal trainer would use a number of different exercises to deliver a desired result, in skincare your require a range of different actives to target the skin in specific areas.

Organic Nation provides the latest in plant-driven stem cell science,  potent vitamins such as vitamins A, B, C and E, hyaluronic acid and scientific peptides working synergistically to rejuvenate, and enhance tired lack lustre skin.

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