When the bottom line breaks trust...

When the bottom line breaks trust...

If they do it with Baby food how do you know if you can trust your skincare?

The Age Newspaper in Melbourne reported on June 21st 2016, that the ACCC had taken to task a multi national manufacturer for marketing a baby product advertising 99% fruit and veg when is contained 60 % sugar.

The brand in question is the well-known and trusted baby food maker, 'Heinz', a brand that for decades and has had the trust of mothers with children.

It would seem multi nationals place shareholder returns higher then their integrity with customers. Breaking the trust of mothers looking for healthy food is unforgivable - no one can justify 60% sugar in a baby food product.

If this is the behavior of a brand of baby food with ingredients for young children, what might be the attitude of multi national skincare companies?

We have been involved in the organic skincare market for over 30 years. During that time we have come across many instances where the product is simply misleading the consumer about its effectiveness based on the levels of real botanicals and organic content.

Consumers typically seek boutique brands because they are authentic, primarily because they are better than a mass-market brand.

Many consumers are not aware that large multi nationals have purchased often boutique brands. The multi nationals try capturing the market and passing the brand off as independent, while saving costs by reducing the active ingredients to produce an inferior product. In many cases it negates the brand's benefit and point of difference.

So how can you decide if the product is worth trying, or will do what it promises?

Our suggestion is to always find out who or what is behind a brand.  See if what they are doing is driven by a genuine passion. If it is driven by passion it is more likely to be authentic, and more likely to do what is promised. This was our experience in creating organic skincare brand Jurlique with Jurgen Klien, when we launched Aveda with Horst Rechenbücher in Australia, and developing Uspa, an organic certified skincare brand we produced and sold in 12 countries around the world. 

We’re always suspicious when we go to the background or Philosophy of a brand and don’t see the names of the individuals behind the product. Why wouldn’t they want to put their name to the product? We couldn’t imagine putting years of work and passion into developing something and not putting our name to that work. It’s what makes it authentic.

Organic Nation believes that to build trust you need to have transparency. We list the Certified Organic ingredients and their exact percentage content for every product. We also know the source of the ingredients so that we can ensure their integrity, and we stringently manage the manufacturing process to make sure that what we present is the true product.

At Organic Nation we believe if we lead with passion, the rest will follow.

George Jilly

Founder, Organic Nation

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