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Size: 15ml

An ultra-light silken eye cream that is infused with bio-marine actives designed to reduce puffiness, dark circles, and support hydration. Australian natives deliver unique hydration and calming properties to the eye's delicate area.

Certified organic content: 76%


A sublime silken cream that is light and cooling. Bio-marine actives isolated in the Playa Paraiso provide complete care for the delicate eye area. Prevents glycation by protecting collagen and elastin degradation. Supports short and long-term hydration of the delicate eye area.


  • instantly refreshes and hydrates the eye area
  • lightweight formula that does not leave the eyes feeling heavy
  • supports the reduction of dark circles and puffiness
  • cooling and calming
  • increases hydration
  • can be used effectively under eye makeup and concealers


Soothing aroma of chamomile and rosa damascena


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