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Size: 350ml.

An intensely hydrating body moisturizer infused with plant oils and antioxidants. Vanillamint body moisturizer with aloe and superberries.

Certified organic content: 78%

All over hydration

A body moisturizer designed to hydrate and protect your skin from head to toe. Powered by nature, nourishing plant oils aid in the restoration of essential fatty acids and vitamins, helping to protect and nurture the skin barrier. Licorice root helps to diminish skin discoloration from sun damage. A sublime warming aroma of vanilla and mint essential oils.


  • hydrates all skin types
  • protects and nurtures the skin barrier
  • natural plant oils provide vitamins and essential nutrients to the skin
  • silky smooth texture, highly concentrated


Vanilla and peppermint essential oils blended to release a sweet warming aroma with undertones of mint

Skin types

  • normal
  • blemished
  • dry
  • sun-damaged
  • aging
  • sensitive

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