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This luxurious cream is designed to provide absolute hydration and repair. A blend of intensely rich plant oils supercharged with the latest technology in science and the power of nature. This is an experience for your skin.

Available in 2 sizes: 15mL or 50mL

Certified Organic Ingredients 80%

Bio-active science fusion

An absolute formulation created to provide intense hydration, calm the over stimulation of muscle tension and support the regeneration of the epidermis. A fusion of bio-active botanicals and the latest in science.


    • supports the skin barrier function
    • calming and soothing
    • self-regenerative stem cell technology
    • peptides to reduce facial muscle tension
    • nourishes the skin and provides vital essential fatty acids


      A fresh, slightly herbaceous aroma chosen for its calming and sedative qualities.

       Skin types

      Suitable for all skin types requiring repair and intense hydration.


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