Organic Nation's international trainer gives three time saving skincare tips

Short on time, don't compromise your skincare. Here are three clever tried and tested ways to maintain vibrant healthy skin when you are under the pump.

1. Clean and exfoliate at the same time: Blending is a great time saver. Create a blend of citrus foaming cleanser and black rice scrub in equal parts, cleanse your face in circular motions and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Voila, you have cleansed and exfoliated by fusing two products. Quick, easy and effective.


2. Masque while you work: Sometimes it's hard to find time to do a home masque. Ideally masks should be on the face for 5-10mins. As a time saver try applying a mask when you have another job to do around the house that will take about 10 minutess. Vacuuming after the gym before having a shower, sorting the washing or preparing dinner - all great opportunities to do something for your skin as you get other chores out the way.

 Organic Nation detoxifying clay whip masque

3. The power of three: Especially when we are busy three steps can help with ensure our skin stays vibrant and alive - important during stressful times. Cleansing and hydrating are your two must do steps, the third can be whatever works best for you. It may be eye matrix cream, a serum or a toner. Making sure you head to bed with clean hydrated skin ensures you are not leaving the day's environmental pollutants on your skin to cause havoc and damage.

Try these, and when life returns to normal (whenever that is), you can take the time to go back to your daily skincare rituals.


Yours in wellness


Vanessa Jilly

Organic Nation, Co-Founder + Ethics Director


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