Organic Nation hits the USA

Hi, here's a quick update on what's been happening at Organic Nation.

In November and December we spent four weeks training at nine day spas in:

  • Hawaii
  • Indianapolis
  • Michigan
  • Toronto
  • Philadelphia
  • New York
  • Alabama

We trained:

  • 70 therapists
  • performed 100's of hours of facials
  • introduced the ancient rituals of Balinese body palming which are included in all our treatments

It was great to work with professionals. Everyone was keen to learn new techniques and find out more about how certified organic ingredients combined with powerful peptides, vitamins and the latest in botanical stem cell science can transform skin.

Starting in Hawaii we island hopped across two locations. The Hawaiian lifetsyle and their love of nature are a perfect fit with Organic Nation.

Training across nine spas we had the opportunity to work with therapists of all ages, from their early 20's, through to their mid 60's. It was really satisfying to see how blown away they were by Organic Nation's skincare products and protocols. In Michigan we met Slava, Salva has performed facials for over 35 years with a deep connection to Eastern European traditions. Salva  was mesmerised by the Balinese body palming and how it set up relaxation for clients.

By the time we arrived in Toronto it was really frosty, so it was great to see how effective the combination of superactive8 recovery oil and the hydration rescue gel are in combating the havoc that cold dry weather and icy chill can cause to skin.

At the beautiful Holts Day Spa in Toronto we performed a facial on a therapist with highly sensitive skin, who in the past has reacted to all products. Her colleagues were in awe after the detoxifying clay whip was removed to see her face was calm, refined and glowing.

Our final stop was Alabama. This energetic team of 10 therapists were not only eager to learn but also excited by the 'fusion' we created with
black rice scrub and detoxifying clay masque for a deeper clean.

It was inspiring to work with so many professionals who were genuinely impressed with the results of an Organic Nation facial. Clearly there is no better endorsement than a therapist who believes enough in a product to put her reputation on the line.

Training these wonderful locations across the US and Canada was a delightful experience, and we can't wait for the next US training sessions to roll-out in early 2017.

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