Bio-active skincare for winter

We change our wardrobe, our make-up even our food choices when the seasons move from endless summer days to cosy winter nights. Humidity levels in our surrounding environments decline in the colder months, this leads to drier air, which sadly means our skin has more moisture drawn away from it. Our skin can become drier, even flakey. Indoor heating leads to water evaporating from our skin, we are often left with a lackluster, parched appearance.

Boosting your daily skin moisture levels during the colder months can be achieved by boosting your skincare routine. Add a few drops of supernatural8 recovery oil to your hydration day cream, this will assist in combating moisture loss. These luxurious plant oils help the skin hold in water by supporting the protective skin barrier. Oil sits on top of water and if we want to retain water in the epidermis or slow down water movement, oil is part of the solution. Your second option can be to change your daily summer moisturizer for a richer cream. absolute night cream contains organic Shea Butter. Shea butter is considered a natural moisturising factor and its structure and function resembles that of the lipid content of the skin. It is a great alternative to combat cold winter weather  and dry skin.

more than rose hydration mist contains Sodium Hyaluronate  which is vital for skin hydration.  In terms of hydration and moisture, there is no other ingredient that has the ability to hold 1000x its weight in water.  It is the Gold Standard ingredient for hydration.  This super charged mist can be used anytime to boost hydration and support your skin even when the surrounding environment is working against you.

Don’t forget to exfoliate! It is important to keep up your exfoliation during the colder months so that your moisturisers and serums work effectively. black rice scrub can be used in the shower to slough away unwanted dead skin cells to reveal fresh glowing skin, and skin your moisturisers will love!

As the weather changes shift your skin care into another gear and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

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