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Size: 150ml

Daily awakening citrus cleanser, designed to remove everyday pollution, make-up, and environmental impurities leaving your skin soft, supple and thoroughly cleansed.

Certified organic content: 70.5%


A sublime milk cleanser infused with Tazman Pepperberry to calm and soothe your skin, whilst cleansing away daily pollutants, make-up and impurities. Our light milk cleanser maintains your skin’s natural oils leaving it soft, supple and thoroughly cleansed.


    • anti-inflammatory properties
    • aids hydration
    • removes light make-up
    • no oily residue
    • infused with anti-oxidants


      A refreshing citrus aroma to awaken the senses whilst providing antiseptic and cleansing benefits for all skin.

      Skin types

      • normal
      • blemished
      • dry
      • sun-damaged
      • aging
      • sensitive

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