Travel Pod


We wanted to create  a “travel” pod for our products, these bags needed to be aligned with Organic Nation's beliefs and values. We searched the globe to find an ethical company to make our bags and discovered Freeset. Freeset not only make the bags, they used 100% organic cotton ✔️,and use environmentally friendly dyes in their screen printing ✔️.

Importatly, Freeset was created to support a community that is marked by extreme poverty and vulnerability. Thousands of women in the district of West Bengal, India, have been forced into a life of servitude and prostitution. With two daughters of our own we can’t imagine what that is like for parents and families to endure. 

Two remarkable women set up Freeset to bring a real difference to the women of the area, an opportunity to develop new skills (sewing and screen printing) and to empower women to have a life free from exploitation. 

Freeset is a fair trade organisation, it helps women earn fair wages and to get health and child care.

Our Travel Pod includes our cleanser, the amazing black rice scrub, an eye matrix cream and day moisturiser. The perfect set of travel companions. Enjoy and cherish this remarkable bag as it has been made by women who are gaining back control of their lives.   

Vanessa Jilly, Co-founder, Organic Nation. 


  • Citrus Milk Cleanser 50ml
  • Black Rice Scrub 50ml
  • Eye Matrix Cream with Marine bio actives  15ml
  • Hydration Day Cream with plant stem cell science  15ml

Value: $120.00

Price: $89.00 (includes free local postage)

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Type: Travel

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